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We're food.
We're art.
We're friends.
We're family.
We're an experience.


It was the summer of 2022 when two friends embarked on a journey to build Salumi Rose: A Charcuterie Experience.

Simply put, Alice Arredondo and Kris Beckman wanted to bring their love of food, creativity, and fun into

an interactive experience that left people with more than just a memory.

At Salumi Rose, we are passionate about the experiences that connect us. We believe that all of us have the need to connect, create and celebrate. We believe what you create in our workshops showcases your uniqueness. We believe that food can be art.


Salumi Rose Opens in Waldo!  

More charcuterie selections, more workshops, and a place to visit that feels like home.  Come see us Wednesday - Saturday.



Origin: Italian

The craft of preserving and salting cured meat.  Salami is part of the traditional salumi category.

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